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Debt Collection Service

*Accounts Receivable recovery & clean-up service*
Shadow Hills Asset Resources is a business and consumer advocate striving for successful debt collection and improving cash flow with an emphasis on making and maintaining good business relations. By working with both you, the business owner, and the customer to create a better cash flow easing the debt collection difficulties, we can improve your bottom-line and help make the economy better for all.
  • Overflow Debt Collection Services/Outsourcing Services-Not enough staff to cover collection work load.
  • We can work for you for only 20% of invoice while you save on employee costs.
  • NSF Checks
  • Debt Collection Service
  • Collect invoices that are outstanding
  • Customers not paying
  • Customers paying slow
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Understaffed
  • Difficult customers
  • Avoid the time and cost of going to court
  • Landlord Security Deposit Refunds
Dawn Powers
Oak Hills, CA
(818) 521-3904
LandLord Deposits

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